5 Basic Settings to Configure in Microsoft Word

Generally, computer users never configure Word Option after finished install Microsoft Word. However, you need to configure some settings for better experience. Configure some options will make your works easier. For example, you don’t need to reorder pages that you printed when you have configured printing options.

These are 5 basic settings to configure on your Microsoft Word. To access it, you can click File > Word Options.

Configure Default File Location

word default file location

I think it’s highly recommended to configure this section. It’s better to change Default file location from drive C to a logical drive such as drive D, E, etc. Why? When you need to reinstall windows, it will erase all files and folders on drive C. Of course, include your files. Those will be lost. To configure it simply click Save on the left menu and then Browse to choose new location.

Configure Save Auto Recover

word save auto recover

It’s better to change AutoRecover information. Default value is every 10 minutes, but you can change it less than 10 minutes. I set it to every a minute on the picture above. What’s the benefit? You still able get your documents back from last a minute when errors happen on your Microsoft Word such as hangs or computer restart suddenly. To configure it, you can click Save on the left menu and then change the number in the box.

Configure Unit of Measurement

word unit

In this section, you can change unit of measurement depend on your country. If you usually use centimeter you can change it to centimeter. If you use inches, you can change it to inches. To configure it, you can click Advanced on the left menu and then look for Show measurements in unit of.

Configure Print in Reverse Order

word print reverse order

If you will print hundreds of page then it’s really help you. You don’t need to reorder pages that you printed. To configure it, you can click Advanced on the left menu and then look for Print section. And then check Print pages in reverse order. If you print 100 pages, your printer will start at 100th page and first page will be printed last.

Show Ruler

word show ruler

Last but not least, you may need to show the ruler. Simply click View on the Ribbon. Check Ruler.

I hope this tips can make your works easier especially in typing on microsoft word. Thanks 🙂

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