7 Reasons To Try Using Linux on Your PC instead of Windows


Linux is an computer operating system like Windows. I searched on Google about Desktop operating system marketshare worldwide, based on Statcounter Globalstats, about 77% computers in the world are using Microsoft Windows OS. About 16% are using Mac OS, Only 1.7% PC are using Linux, and about 0.9%% are using Chrome OS. And about 6% is other OS.

Ubuntu desktop

I tried to install Linux on my PC about more than 10 years ago and I decided to delete it. Why? Because I hate the GUI, the interface is weird and I am not comfortable during using it.

Another reason I leave it is because It’s too complicated when I inserted USB flashdisk. I need to install the driver manually and mounting USB manually using some scripts on the Terminal (Command Prompt in Linux system).

But now, Linux is much different than old times. It much better on GUI. The look is so great. You can now insert USB flashdisk and it will show automatically like you are using Windows 10.

There are other interesting features such as transparent GUI, Built-in apps such as office app, music and video player, Mozilla Firefox browser and you don’t need to install drivers. When you finished installing Linux, it’s ready to use.

Here’s why you need to try using Linux on your PC or Laptop:

It’s Free

How much cost Windows 10 license? Just google it!. It’s not a problem if you have enough money or you are working in big company. But, what if Windows license is not affordable for you.

I think it’s better to using Linux than using illegal Windows with crack, keygen or something like that which usually malware embedded. It’s very risky for you.

Unlike Windows, Linux can be used with no cost at all. Just download it and install it. Linux is free and open source. Even you are allowed to modify and redistribute it. But not sell it. 🙂

Linux has More Secure System and Less Viruses

How many viruses attack Linux system? It’s very very rare almost nothing. You may know so massive viruses and other malware variants attack Windows OS. So you need an Antivirus app installed on your Windows.

How about Linux? Linux don’t need antivirus. The system is more secure than Windows. That’s why many big servers on the internet are using Linux as their Operating System.

Less Memory Consumption

Have you ever check te task manager on Windows when no application opened? I checked it, Windows consume 1.6GB to 2GB of RAM with no application opened, only background services! Even Windows 10 consume almost 3GB if bloatware or unnecessary app activated.

I try do the same thing on Ubuntu Linux. It only consumes 1.2GB of RAM with no application opened.

ubuntu linux system monitor (task manager)

Ubuntu system monitor (task manager)

Even Kubuntu Linux only consumes 400MB-500MB of RAM with no application opened. So you don’t need high spec PC to install Linux.

Kubuntu Linux system monitor (task manager)

Kubuntu Linux system monitor (task manager)

Linux Rarely Hang

I think one of reason why Windows often hangs is Antivirus. Antivirus software run automatically on startup. It always runs and performs scanning on the background. Antivirus will scan anything you open, anything you browse. So it takes much resources and may become the reason your computer hang.

Another reason why Windows often hangs is unnecessary apps is active and running on the background.

Linux is more efficient in consuming resources. I rarely experience hang on my laptop after using Linux.

No Need Drivers Installation

While installing Windows you need additional drivers you have to download. Linux is ready to use after installation is done. You need to install office and some software after installing Windows which it’s not necessary when using Linux.

For example, After installing Ubuntu/Kubuntu you can use built-in Office called LibreOffice. This Linux also comes with VLC, Kate Editor which it can be used like Visual Code.

Plug and Play

You can now using Linux like using Windows 10. Insert your USB flashdisk and it will show automatically. You can open your USB on File Manager such Nautilus or Dolphin.

usb inserted ubuntu

USB flashdisk is inserted on Ubuntu

usb icon taskbar ubuntu

USB icon on Ubuntu Linux’s taskbar

Support Multi Operating System

Linux has a grub loader which act as “a door” to access operating systems on your PC/Laptop. This is Grub Loader looks like.

grub loader 2 ubuntu linux win10

Grub menu

When you turn on your PC or laptop, you will see the menu like picture above. It’s called GRUB loader. It contains lists of installed operating system on your PC. You can choose either Linux or Windows you want to use.

If you want to try install Linux on your PC, but you don’t decided to delete Windows at all, you can install Linux alongside Windows. All you need is create a free partition about 25GB (based on information of Ubuntu Official website).

Actually Linux especially Ubuntu/Kubuntu only need about 10GB of HDD space. But you may install more apps and you may need swap file. So you need at least 25GB for comfort reason.


This article explain some advantages of using Linux. I don’t attack Windows. I love Windows too. I am using Linux and Windows on my laptop.

I am using Windows for some reasons such as install certain softwares or PC games that are not compatible with Linux.

I think Linux is good for browsing or doing office tasks. But for gaming or editing, it still more comfort using Windows instead of Linux.

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