Finding Control Panel in Windows 10 Quickly

control panel in windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows OS. It has a lot of features and nice looks, but there are couple things are different than earlier Windows versions. When you first time using Windows 10, you may wonder where is Control Panel? It disappears from Start menu. 

Microsoft put Settings windows 10 settingson the Start menu instead of Control Panel. Although both are almost the same in functions, but Settings menu more flexible and suitable for desktop or mobile view. Control Panel looks like tends to desktop usability only. Nevertheless, Control Panel still exists in Windows 10.

You can open Control Panel in Windows 10 by simply click Start menu then type “Control Panel”. 

search control panel on the start menu

Searching for Control Panel on the Start menu.

You can now see Control Panel on search result. Click that to open Control Panel.

access control panel in windows 10

Control Panel in Windows 10 is still exists 🙂

Hope this post can help you.

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