Convert From CSV to Excel Easily (Just Few Clicks)

csv to excel

CSV into a table

CSV stand for Comma Separated Value, a document format which separated by comma between columns. It often used in data processing. Many apps or websites export the data as CSV file. But there is a problem when open it using Microsoft Excel. When you open CSV, Excel will show it in one column. On this article I am going to share you about handling CSV file using excel and how to convert from CSV to Excel (XLS or XLSX), so you can process the data easily.

Look at the picture below. If you open CSV file directly on Excel, you will see something like this.

Open CSV directly on excel

If the data show like above, you can’t process the data. You can’t calculate the number within too. You need to separate the data. No, Name and Score have to be  stored on different column.

Don’t worry.. it’s not difficult to convert from CSV to Excel. Unlike sorting data on excel automatically using advance formulas, you can do this one easily, just few clicks.

The first step, open Microsoft Excel and create a blank workbook.

Navigate to Data > New Query > From File > From CSV.

import CSV

Now browse your CSV file. Select your CSV file and then click Import.

browse CSV to import

Now, you can see the CSV data as a table. Make sure to select Comma on Delimiter option.

This only preview. You have to click Load to add the table on to your worksheet. Click Load button on the bottom.

load CSV to excel

Now, you successful convert from CSV to Excel. You can save it as XLS or XLSX file.

CSV as a table on excel

That’s all you need to do to convert from CSV to Excel. I hope this helps.

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