Easy Way! Create Link Menu on Excel to Jump Between Sheets

excel-link menu

excel-link menu

Excel is a spreadsheet application must have on your PC or laptop. This application can help you to solve many problems related to math functions. It can helps you to create reports and calculate data automatically. Sometimes, you may have many sheets of excel to create reports. And,  you may don’t like to click those sheets to jump between sheets. I think it will more efficient if you place a menu on the top of your sheet to jump fast between sheets. In the past, I’ve shared How To Sort Data in Excel Automatically. Today, I want to share you about tips how to create link menu on excel to jump between sheet. Keep reading! 🙂

To create link menu, you can follow these steps:

Adjusting height of the first row

You can adjust height of the first row about 40 pixels to place link menu here. To adjust the height, drag the first row. You can look at picture below.

adjust height row excel

Create menu using shape

You can create links between sheets using shape by click Insert > ShapesYou can use rectangle, rounded rectangle, circle or oval or other shapes as you like. For example, I choose rounded rectangle as a button.

create link menu shape excel

And then draw it on the first row. If you have 3 sheets, you need to create 3 links menu. Add text to the shape you created by right click > Edit TextFor example, I add text “Sheet 1“.

create link menu shape excel and choose color

If you already have one link. You can copy it then rename the text inside them. I have 3 copies of shape and I rename to “Sheet 2” and “Sheet 3”.

link menu excel 3 sheets

Create link between sheets

Now, you already have 3 links on the top menu. It’s time to create link between sheets. To do it, right click the shape then choose Hyperlink.

link menu excel shape

Inser Hyperlink dialogue box will appears after you clicked Hyperlink on popup menu. Now, click Place in This Documents and then click Sheet 1 as target link. It means, if you click button Sheet 1 on the top menu you create at first row, then you will jump to access Sheet 1 on Excel.

link sheet 1

Now, do same thing for other buttons, Sheet 2 and Sheet 3. If each button has been linked, you can copy this menu to Sheet 2 and Sheet 3. Now you already have menu to jump between sheet on excel.

Freeze the first row

But wait.. There is a problem still remaining. If you scroll the sheet, then the menu is scrolled too. To solve it just freeze the first row.

To freeze the first row, you can click ViewFreeze PanesFreeze Top Row.

freeze first row excel

Now, the first row has been freezed. It means the menu will not be scrolled if you scroll the screen. You can put a color to first row to make it different from other rows. Select first row and then choose color as you like. For example, I choose grey. It will look like this.

put a color on the first row


Now you already have link menu on the first row. It make you jump between sheets easily. Hope this help. Thanks.

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