Do This If You Cannot Save Files on Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu 20.04 is the latest version of Ubuntu. I like this Linux version because lightweight and performs fast enough on my laptop. But, there is an issue I faced couple days ago related to storage. I can’t save my files on mounted drive. They are lost after restarting my laptop.

Do you have the same problem?

Here the chronology. I save my files outside of my folder, exactly I save my files on mounted drive (drive D on Windows 10). As you know, Ubuntu created folder named your username after finished installation. By default, you only allowed to store your files inside your folder.

If you save your files outside then you will lost yours because everything outside is owned by root, not you. But I experience a problem, my files cannot be saved although I give read write access to my username.

Now I realize that my Ubuntu was installed alongside Windows 10. When I hibernate my laptop via Windows 10, the drive D becomes read only even when it is accessed via Ubuntu. So that every single file I store on drive D lost.

If you are experiencing cannot save files on Ubuntu, on mounted drive exactly, then all you need to do is disable hibernate on Windows 10. You can do this via PowerShell.

Open PowerShell as Administrator.

powershell as administrator

Open PowerShell as Administrator

Type powercfg -h off and press ENTER.

powercfg -h off

Restart your computer and login to your Ubuntu. Try to save files on mounted drive (drive D on Windows 10) then restart. Come back to Ubuntu and check if your files still exist or lost. As far as know, this trick works on my laptop. How about you?

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