How to Disable JavaScript in Chrome and Firefox Windows

Today I am going to share how disable JavaScript feature on famous browsers: Chrome and Firefox. Sometimes we need to disable JavaScript for certain purposes such as prevent disturbing popup, speed up browser’s loading, or disabling animations on websites that consume high resources.

We hate undesirable popup or ads when we’re reading the content of a site whereas we need to read the article only. But, don’t worry.. You only need to configure some settings on your browser to avoid that disturbing experience.

There are many browsers that used by users to surfing the internet. But now, I just explain how to disable JavaScript on 3 popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Disabling JavaScript in Chrome

First, open Chrome Settings by click 3 dots on the top right > Settings.

open chrome settings

Select Privacy and Security on the left menu.

chrome privacy and security

Scroll down and find Site Settings.

chrome site settings

Scroll down and click JavaScript.

chrome javascript

Now you can choose either disable  JavaScript on all sites or disable it on some sites using allow and block method. If you want to disable JavaScript on all sites, you can turn off the slide button. But if you want to disable JavaScript on some websites only, simply click Add button, and then enter website url there. You can see red marked areas on the picture below.

chrome allow block javascript

If you think those are too many steps, you can access javascript settings using quick search. Just simply type “javascript” on the box and then scroll down to find Site Settings and you can find JavaScript settings within.

quick search javascript settings

Disabling JavaScript in Firefox

I tried to access Options in Firefox, but I didn’t find any section to configure JavaScript there. But you can still turn off JavaScript in Firefox through typing “about:config” on search bar.

firefox disable javascript

Double click javascript.enabled until the Value changed into false. Done!.

Note: it affect to all websites. You can restore it by the same way.

firefox disable javascript enable false

I think you don’t need to disable JavaScript on all websites. You can disable this feature on websites contain disturbing popup.

Hope this article helps you. 🙂

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