How to Download Files and Save to SD Card Automatically

Android is the most famous smartphone operating system in the world. But sometimes we don’t know to configure some features such as set default write disk or change some parameters in Android Settings. In this post I am going to provide a tutorial how to download files or save it to SD Card Automatically.

When you finished download files from internet, they will be saved on Internal Storage as default location.

It’s better to save your files on your SD Card because if you have a plan to sell your smartphone, you don’t have to browse your files on internal storage and then copy them to SD Card manually. It takes much time and of course actually you don’t have to do such thing.

When you set default write disk to SD Card, every files will be saved to SD Card automatically.

Following are steps how to change default location (Default Write Disk) to SD Card

Step#1 Go to Android Settings

Android Settings

To access android settings, simply tap the gears icon named Settings. Then, choose Storage.

Step #2 Change Default Write Disk

Change default save location android

Select default save location to SD Card. Be sure the blue dot move on to SD card.

Android system will ask for restart your smartphone afterwards. Follow it to restart the phone to take effects.

Now, every single file will be saved on SD Card when you download files from internet. You just need to remove the SD card when you have s plan to use new smartphone or sell the old one.

Okay. Done!

Those are steps how to download files and save to SD Card automatically on android 5 lollipop. I think it’s not much different with other version both older or newer versions.

Hope this article help you. Thanks 🙂


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