Keep Laptop Running While Closing the Lid

keep laptop running closing the lid

You may have to go to your office as soon as possible, but your works have done yet. You may want to close your laptop lid while waiting some processes on your screen such as rendering or download huge files that need a half  hour to be done. But what happens if you close the lid?… Yes of course, your laptop will sleeps and your works will stop too. But what should you do to keep your laptop running while closing the lid and keep running the processes? Is it possible to keep the laptop running while in the bag?

Keep in mind that default settings of your laptop (especially windows operating system) will get system sleep when you close the lid. You have to change the option to let your laptop always on while closing the lid. This how to do that on windows 10.

Open Control Panel

Click Start Menu, once the menus appear just type “control panel” without quotes. Click Control Panel. 

open control panel windows 10

Head to Power Option.

power option control panel

Now you can configure what will your laptop to do if you close the lid by accessing the side menu Choose what closing the lid does.

windows 10 closing the lid

Configure When I Close the Lid

Now focus on the marked area below! You have to choose Do nothing on option When I close the lid if you want to keep your laptop running while closing the lid.

do nothing close the lid win 10

There are 4 options actually you can choose.


Sleep: Once you close the lid, this will deactivate the screen, the hard disk and every single hardware but the power. Your works will stop at all, but they will still stay on the desktop and also you can turn your laptop on faster. Keep in mind that Sleep will consume the power.

Hibernate:Once you close the lid, this will turn your laptop off, but your works still on your desktop even if you don’t save it yet. Unlike Sleep, Hibernate will not consume the power. Hibernate slightly different than Shutdown. It’s like shutdown but keep applications still open on the desktop when you come back.

Shutdown: Once you close the lid, your laptop will shutdown.

Do nothing: Once you close the lid, your laptop will turn off the screen only. Every process still running.

That’s it can I share at the moment. I hope this article will helps you if you are looking for the solution to keep your laptop running while closing the lid, even while in bag (if you have long lasting battery).

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