Kubuntu 20 vs Windows 10, Which is better?

kubuntu 20 vs windows 10

Kubuntu is a variant of Linux Ubuntu. You may know Ubuntu has few variants such as Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu and Xubuntu, etc. All of them have the same system but different environment. I think the main reason Kubuntu can be used to replace Windows 10 is “environment”. Kubuntu system has KDE (K Desktop Environment) which is an environment similar to windows operating system.

If you are a Windows user, you may don’t like Gnome environment like Ubuntu has. Unlike Ubuntu, Kubuntu has a lot of similarities to Windows. So, beginner can use Kubuntu easily without doubt.

I think the major difference between them is  the cost. You have to buy Windows license to use it legally. But if you want to use Kubuntu, just download it for free, you can use it legally without buy a license, no need activation, no crack and no keygen. Another reason to using Kubuntu is low CPU and memory consumption.

At this moment I won’t write a tutorial about installing Kubuntu because this is similar to installing Ubuntu. The installation as easy as installing Windows 10.

Following are similarities and differences between Kubuntu and Windows terms:

Windows Explorer

On Windows, from Win 95 to Windows 10 use Windows Explorer for file manager. You can browse files, rename, edit, move, copy, and delete files or folders. On Linux, especially Kubuntu has a file manager called Dolphin. This is default file manager on Kubuntu.

Actually, you can install other file managers for linux. Can you see differences between them. I think the most obvious difference is no drive letter on linux system and everything else looks the same.

win explorer

Windows Explorer


Dolphin – Kubuntu file manager

Control Panel/Settings

You will not find Control Panel on Kubuntu. On Kubuntu this is called System Settings. If you want to configure you computer, all you need to do is open System Settings. System Settings contains a lot of settings of your PC such as Appereance, Workspace, Personalization, Network, Hardware. You can also change the theme, visual effects, Date and Time, and Regional Setting here.

win 10 settings

Windows 10 Settings

win 10 control panel

Windows 10 control panel

system settings

System Settings on Kubuntu

Command Prompt

You may know windows has command prompt to run particular scripts. On linux, this called Terminal. There are many Terminal apps out there. But Kubuntu using Konsole as default terminal application.

It’s different to run script between Command Prompt and Konsole. But there are some scripts can run on both, one of them is ping script which is used for checking network connection.

command prompt

Command Prompt

terminal konsole

terminal (konsole)

Task Manager

Kubuntu has KSysGuard (a system monitor app) which is a task manager that run on Kubuntu.

windows 10 task manager

Windows 10 Task Manager

KSysGuard system monitor 1

KSysGuard system monitor 1

Office Application

I think Microsoft Office is the most popular office application for desktop. But you need to buy a license to use this application. Kubuntu has default office application called Libre Office. But for me, I prefer to use WPS Office rather than Libre Office. The reason is WPS Office much similar to Microsoft Office.

A lot of office application you can install on linux such as Libre Office, WPS Office, Open Office, etc. You can choose what you like.

office word

Office Word

wps office 2019

WPS Office 2019

Text Editor

Notepad is default text editor on Windows system. Kubuntu has Kate as default text editor. But I think Kate can’t be compared to NotepadKate is an advanced text editor like Visual Studio Code. It can be used not only for create a simple text file but also for editing source codes. It can recognize many programming languages such as html, php, css, and many more.



kate advanced text editor

Kate Advanced text editor

Media Player

VLC Media Player is a default media player on Kubuntu. I think this app is complete enough to use as video player or music player as well. Not only for playing video or music but also it can be used for video editing such as cutting a video. Moreover, VLC able to download partial of video streaming. So you can save data usage.

windows media player

Windows Media Player

vlc media player

VLC media player

Web Browser

You can surfing the internet on Linux Kubuntu using Mozilla Firefox. No Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge available as default browser. Firefox is default browser on Kubuntu. But you still install other browsers such as Chrome, Chromium, Opera, even I heard that Microsoft released Microsoft Edge for linux last year.

You can use all of them on linux like using them on Windows. The only difference is installation process. No .exe or .msi file can run on Linux. You can install it using command line on Terminal (Konsole) or download the package with .deb extension. Some of them using .tar.gz or .run extension.

microsoft edge browser

Microsoft Edge browser

firefox browser

Firefox browser


There are some similarities between Kubuntu 20 and Windows 10 such as browsers and media players can be installed on both. For file manager, there is slightly different between Windows Explorer (File Explorer) and Dolphin especially no drive letter on linux. But there’s no significant difference to using them. Copy, Cut, Paste and anything you can do on Windows Explorer can be applied to Dolphin file manager.

You probably uncomfortable while using Linux Kubuntu for first time. But don’t worry you can switch between Kubuntu and Windows by installing Linux Ubuntu/Kubuntu alongside Windows. Feel free to write comments . Thanks.


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