Photos App Open a Picture Slowly on Windows 10


Windows 10 has a lot of features for various purposes. Users may use it for help their needs such as office, image editing, video editing, browse the internet, etc. But I found a problem while opening any picture on my laptop. When I open a picture, Windows 10 will use Photos app to open it. The problem is the Photos app open a picture very slowly and takes long time to show the picture on Windows 10.

Have you ever opened a picture on your PC or laptop and the Photos app takes long time to show the picture? Did you know the problem exactly? But I tried to change some options in the Settings and the problem was solved. At least for me 🙂

You may have the same case with me. To overcome this problem just follow the steps below!

Open an image on file explorer. Windows 10 will open it using Photos app as default. If your computer doesn’t has good enough hardware specs, you will see Photos app very slowly opening a picture.

Now go to Settings by click 3 dots on the right top and then click Settings.

Photos app Settings

Switch off linked duplicates and another red marked area under People section.

Photos turn off linked duplicate image

And three more options to be switched off. Switch off automatically generated albums, hardware-accelerated and notification when new album are available.

Photos app disable one drive disable hardware acceleration

It may not a problem for high spec PC, but it’s matter for low spec ones.

I hope this article can help you especially for you are looking for a solutions about photos app open a picture slowly on Windows 10.

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