Download REFACE App: Replace Someone’s Face in the Video or Photo

REFACE app photo

Few years ago, people replace someone’s face using Photoshop with high image editing skills required. Until I’ve found REFACE app, the craziest face app I think. The AI technology grow so fast! I never imagine that an app like this is existing. It is like FaceApp but I think REFACE app is crazier.


REFACE app was develoved by NEOCORTEXT, INC. They claim this app is the #1 face swap app. REFACE app also known as Doublicat. REFACE app can replace someone’s face in the photo or video.

This app has deepfake technology that able more than face swapping. With deepfake artificial intelligence, your face is mapped to another face in the most realistic way you ever seen. Facial expression and movement looks real.

What does make REFACE app more interesting for users?

REFACE app able to edit or replace the celebrity’s face using their faces. Even this one app can replacing face not only in the photo but also in the video. Look at the video below! Who is that? The singer’s face is replaced by Elon Musk’s face! And it looks so real.

And look the picture below! This is when Tony Stark becomes James Bond. It looks flawless!

REFACE app photo

REFACE app is a incredible editing app. But remember, take your own risk and use this app wisely.

REFACE app is available to download on Playstore.


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