How to Screenshot Quickly in Ubuntu 20.04 without Any Tool

screenshot in ubuntu

Sometimes we need to screenshot to save an information on the active screen as an image.  If you want to do it in Ubuntu, you don’t need any tool to do that. At the moment I want to share you how to screenshot in Ubuntu with no tools.

There are three types of screenshot in Ubuntu: full screenshoot, active window screenshot and area screenshot. Following are details steps to do each screenshot.

Full Screenshot

Full screenshot is capturing all screen with no border. So that the image file will has resolutions as big as your screen resolution. If your laptop screen has 1920×1080 pixel, likewise the image file’s resolution.

You can do full screenshot on ubuntu by simply press Prt Sc button on the keyboard. The PNG files will be created automatically in your default picture folder once you press Prt Sc.

keyboard prt sc

Press Prt Sc to screenshot all area on the screen.

Active Window Screenshot

This type of screenshot is useful if you want to capture the active window.

For example, you want to screenshot only VLC instead of everything else. Just click VLC and then press Alt+Prt Sc. The picture will be stored automatically in your default picture folder as well.

keyboard alt+prt sc

Press Alt+Prt Sc to screenshot the active window.

Area Screenshot

The last is area screenshot. This type of screenshot is very useful for capture certain area of your screen. So that you don’t need to edit the picture after doing screenshot.

You can do area screenshot by simply press Shift+Prt Sc. Now your mouse cursor turn in to plus or selection. Just select the area you want to capture. The PNG file will created automatically once  selecting the area is done.

keyboard shift+prt sc

Press Shift+Prt Sc to screenshot certain area on the screen.

There are 3 types of screenshot in Ubuntu. Those are different each other. You can use them depending on your purposes. It will more efficient if you use active window screenshot to capture an active app instead of using full screenshot. Likewise using area screenshot is more efficient if you want to capture certain area so that you don’t need further editing.

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