Windows 10 not Responding After Rename a Folder

I like this new version of windows. But, I got a problem Windows 10 is not responding after rename a Folder. My explorer was not responding suddenly when I pressed ENTER after rename a folder. I don’t know what’s the problem exactly. I try to solve this issue.

The problem is not happens once, but it often happens on my notebook. I think I have full of background processes which consume CPU and memory. But, that’s not the problem. Day after day, it always happens and I hate it. I try to open Services and check if there are disturbing background processes. I deactivate some unnecessary services, but it still happens.

Do you know what’s the problem is?

The problem is Quick Access system. This problem can be solved by simply deactivating recently used files and recently used folders in Quick Access. You can open Folder Option dialog box in file explorer. You can access it by open file explorer > View > Folder Option and then uncheck two checkboxes marked below and then click Clear button. Restart you computer.

not responding rename folder

I know Quick Access is a good feature on file explorer. But I don’t know why Windows 10 is not responding after rename a Folder. Perhaps there are some conflicts with the other processes. But now, the problem’s solved! I hope this post can help you.

Additional info, if this problem still occurs, you can find out what’s the real problem cause Windows 10 run slow on your laptop.

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